retail therapy. or something like it.

So now that I'm back on my grizzly like a bear skinned rug (thanks lupe.) uh money has become a wee bit scarce. Like instead of dropping a whole paycheck on random items (stuff I didn't need, but totally wanted), I am now being the responsible adult and paying for school. I see it as an investment. My poor bank account sees it as betrayal (as if!). Anyway. I have now resorted to window shopping via the always efficient and fabulous internet. Here are some goodies I will be saving my pesos for.

1. Married to the Mob World Wide Leggings
I've never been a fan of leggings but these suckers have got me salivating at the mouth. In NYC I saw this cute tee that was kinda long and had lace and chiffon @ the bottom so it looked like a little dress. Would have went perfecto with these and my dirty black Chucks. Too bad the tee was $50...at Forever XXI (I kno. Insanity!)

2. Insight April Lady Top
Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of bright colors. This tank totally feeds into my addiction. It's like visual crack! When I wear color it means that I don't have to try so hard with my accessories. A simple hoop earring, maybe my herringbone necklace, and some stacked bangles on one arm would be sweet. I'd want to focal point to be my shirt. Plus I want this to go with my black cigarette pants I just got from the Goodwill. Woo!

I've been looking for a pair of boyfriend cut jeans that a)do NOT look like guy jeans b)do not make me look like a lesbian and c)are NOT $300 (damn u Current & Elliot!). I have found them! and their only $80 (without shipping). I know, not the cheapest pair of pants, but anything is better than the arm, leg, and kidney these other designers were asking for.

I've got more, but for now these are probably going to be the next 3 items I add to my closet. Right after my tuition payment is paid. God I need another job...

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