the death of dee. & some other bs.

I'm sorry, but I'm in a really odd place right now.
Like super odd.

Here's a question of you: Is inner beauty really more important than the way one looks on the outside? Like seriously. In my 22 years of life I have never been described as someone who is beautiful. I've gotten cute, fun, crazy, determined, sweet, yadda yadda ya...whatever. In all those descriptions, I have never ever ever EVER had someone look at a photo of me and say 'Wow she's stunning'. It's not something I'm bitter about, it's not something I've thought extensively about, it's just something that I've subconciously tucked away in the back of my mind. It's a loser fact about my life. Thats all.

The last few days this question has been popping in my head though. People who are outwardly more attractive than others seem to be getting advantages that I (someone who isn't that 'pretty') would kill for. Yes it's true, whether society likes to believe it or not, attractive people are often given things more than the unattractive. Whether it be discounts, time, affection from people they barely know, or even the benefit of the doubt, lets be honest...they just get shit. Quite frankly I don't get it...

So with all that being said.
Is beauty only skin deep? Is beauty REALLY in the eye of the beholder? Or are we just kidding ourselves?

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