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I have a love/hate relationship with Louis Vuitton. Most of the time I get a kick out of hating that damn monogram everyone and their significant other runs around with, but as of late it's been really hard for me to come up with a sarcastic comment from the inner sanctums of my mind because I'm actually beginning to dig some of their products. Until now...

The Daisy Necklace from LV's Fall 2009 collection reminds me of Christmas. Why, you ask? Well, in my household Christmas involves spiked eggnog, money, and tree decorations, specifically the paper chain garland that wrapped around the tree made from scraps of construction paper lying around our house. It's nice to know that you can pretty much take any idea slap a logo on it, and turn around and sell it for $1050 USD. Good job LV! [ilvoelv]

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