jesus totally loves me.

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The Lord is smiling upon us my friends!

Not that he doesn't smile and all every other day, but today is extra special because the God of retail therapy placed this tiny gem in my inbox. LF has teamed up with affordable shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell to answer my prayers of creating a shoe that I cannot afford at it's regular retail price. They together have created alternative designs for the Acne Atacoma Wedge and my favorite shoe of this season, Burberry Prorsum lace up ankle boot.

If you read this blog on a semi regular basis, you'll understand my excitement. I've posted about these shoes: here. here. here. and and another pair of Prorsum booties here. See? That's a lot of love! Please believe I will be getting those Burberry alternatives. No word on a release date or pricing, but when I find more information I'll tweet about it.


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  1. I am right with you with those prayers... i will have knock offs of the hottest shoes of the season, HALELLUJAH!


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