aldo x teen vogue: diy contest!

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I'm not the DIY sort of girl, simply because most of the things I try create myself turn out to be crap. But one thing I'm totally good at is destroying a good pair of jeans and studding the crap out of bags and other accessories. My sister from another mister KP is GREAT at DIY! She can take just about anything and make it magical, a trait of her's I often envy.

Aldo has teamed up with Teen Vogue to give all you lucky guys and gals the opportunity to collaborate with the shoe retailer on a design for their Fall 2010 collection. All you have to do is take a pair of shoes and personalize them with whatever you want. The top 10 finalists will be picked by a panel of Aldo experts and Teen Vogue staff. The winner will then be chosen by the public. Entry ends October 30th, so get to it dolls!

For more information and some really cool examples check out Aldo's DIY site now!

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