psychedelic dreamscapes.

No you aren't high. Yes, the artwork is whimsical and awesome.

The artist, Allison Torneros is perhaps what some would call a prodigy, being that she learned to draw at the age of 2, and built her first website at 11 years of age, but we aren't going to call her that. I'd like to think of her as more of a genius than anything. Born in 1985 (meaning she's my age and smarter than me) Allison is a Bay area artist who is now based in the sunny city of Los Angeles.

Quite possibly the coolest thing about Allison (aside from the whole building a website at 11 thing), is the way she goes about creating her art. Never having a precise or clear vision of what her painting will become, Allison normally begins by throwing paint and other materials around a canvas letting it dry overnight and then coming back to draw what she see's and feels rather than having a solid plan. Everything about her work is spontaneous and random. She feels first, then executes.

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