sephora by OPI: limited edition matte nail colour.

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In the last couple of years nail care has become quite popular. Where shiny, long, and acrylic was the way to go once upon a time, this has now been replaced by short, neat, matte nails. I tried matte nails at the beginning of the summer when I finally decided to give up the acrylic crack (there's a reason acrylic powder is white). My first trip to the land of matte wasn't a sweet one, the Zoya brand I was using began to chipped after just 2 days. After that I gave up. No way I was painting my nails every 2 days, that's too damn much.

Today via nitro:licious, I learned that OPI's Sephora collection contained three limited edition matte nail colors. I love Sephora by OPI, it's kind of my go to brand, just because the polish lasts SO LONG. I used the grey/purpleish color Metro Chic awhile ago (check it out here), and literally didn't have to repaint my nails for at least 3 weeks. Because of my decent track record with the Sephora collection, I'm very interested to see how these matte colors are going to work out.

I know $9 for nail polish may seem like a lot, especially when Forever Crackhouse is selling similar items for only $2.80, but a good nail polish is a good investment. Or at least that's what I like to tell myself... [nitro:licious]


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  3. Matte nail polish is awesome. So far my favourite colour is the OPI Russian Blue. So interesting.

    I have a few bottles of matte, and OPI is def the best brand. Essie has a few colours too but they chip amazingly easy. Like not even worth putting on your fingers easy - even with a top coat.

    The matte goes on really well, and dries super fast compared to normal nail polish so you have to be quick about putting it on or it will gunk up your brush. I find it chips a bit on my nails, def not as resiliant. I wish they made a matte top coat.


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