The past few weeks have been a bit rough for me when it comes to technology. Places like Twitter and Facebook, which were once apart of my daily routine, have now gotten on my nerves so much, I'm thinking very hard about ex communicating myself from both social crack sites. Almost two weeks ago my beloved Macbook Steve crashed, leaving me without a computer, and with a big headache. Being that Apple is the Jesus Christ of all computers, I find it appalling that they fall apart after barely two years of use. PC's last WAY longer than that. They had to completely trash my hard drive, so along with pictures and music, all my writing from the past two years, including some essays I was working on, was lost in the sauce. All that work gone, because technology decided to just stop working.

My hatred for everything tech does not stop there. I'm hating EVERYTHING. Photoshop won't save my files, then photobucket is almost exceeding it's bandwith, blah blah blah. Man I'm fed up. We depend so much on our cell phones, laptops, and the like when any day of the week that technology could wake up and give us a big F. U. When my laptop died, I thought I was going to die. I didn't know what to do with myself without the distraction of my blog, Twitter, SurftheChannel, or Facebook. I was bored out of my mind. And that's SAD. I think I've had enough of technologies fickle mindedness. I'm going to be weening myself away from the internet a little more everyday. It's necessary...

When my laptop dies for sure any day now, I'm taking it to the nearest Apple employee and slapping them with the remaining carcass after I smash it to death on my sidewalk (I'm angry, sorry). There is no way in HELL these computers should be so damn expensive and f_ck up so easily. Come on now.


  1. Hey D,

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