i will always love you...

The biggest girl crush of my 23 years of life has been on the Olsen twins. I SERIOUSLY love the Olsen twins. A lot. Sometimes I like to think we grew up together, it's just that instead of playing with me in the preschool sand box, they were inside my television as Michelle Tanner. They've grown up to become so stylish and smart women; so smart in fact, they've created two brands, The Row and Elizabeth & James, that are widely successful, even though just looking at the clothes costs more than what's in my bank account right now.

Ashley is my favorite. Although sometimes Mary Kate surprises me and doesn't look like she rolled out of bed in the back alley of some dirty club, Ashley and I are destined to be besties (and I say that, not as a stalker, but as a fan). In the face of tremendous pressure, the twins have grown to be such exceptional women. The exude confidence and cool. Most celebrities have a way of being TOO noticeable by being everywhere at once. You get sick of seeing them. But there's just something about these girls I can't seem to get enough of, maybe it's the fact that aside from the paparazzi basically stalking them, or a fashion show/event here or there, you rarely see them in front of a camera.

Right now I'm working on that thing I call the Olsen Smirk, where they stare down the camera, suck in their cheeks, and purse their lips. If you look at pictures of them long enough, you'll see it...Makes me laugh every time.

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  1. haha, I read somewhere that the Olsen smirk is achieved by silentlying say the word "prune" but stopping at the "u" part. for some reason it just doesn't seem to work as well in normal situations, say family photos.


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