there you go looking like grace jones again...

Here's Rihanna on a supplement cover of Italian Vogue reminding me A LOT of Grace Jones. Does anyone else get that vibe at all? I'm not sure if I like the cover yet. Although many first reactions have been something along the lines of "fierce" and "fiyah!" and "fabulous", I'm not sure I can put my reaction in any one of those categories. She looks good, but it just seems a bit...well...awkward. But I guess this is the best you get once someone leaks nude pictures of you while the Queen of all things fashion, Anna Wintour, decides what cover you're to be on. Can you imagine the shit show that would have ensued if Rihanna was on the cover of American Vogue. Yikes...


  1. Hmm, I agree. I like the cover but there is something slightly off-putting about it. Can't figure out what though. *shrugs*

  2. she is actually getting on my nerves!

  3. i agree. this cover is completely awkward. i think her new Good Girl Gone Bad style is inspired by Grace Jones, but in my opinion i don't think she pulls it off. i mean she looks good, but she doesn't own it. that's probably why this cover is so awkward.


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