i am eleven.

I just saw the trailer to this amazing documentary entitled I Am Eleven directed by Genevieve Bailey who explores the opinions of eleven year olds all over the world on personal and global issues ranging from hormones to terrorism. The age of eleven is still looked at as being a child (well, at least in my eyes they are), yet many of these said children have such profound and opinionated views on very heavy topics of conversation not always meant for their ears. Check it out... [LOUDreams]


  1. i guess a lot of kids don't act nor think like kids anymore.I remember being idk,14 and acted like a child still,whilst i see 14 yr olds now and my goodness those little mouths and brains of them.

    haha i sound like this old lady.

  2. Thanks for this post. This is defintely something I look forward to seeing. It looks very interesting. ts good to see young kids already thinking like this. They are the ones that will change our world and make it a better place. Great post thanks.

  3. Hey ya! Glad you like the project. I have been making this film for 4 years, with kids all over the world, so I look forward to releasing it soon. Please visit www.iameleven.com and leave your email so I can let you know when the film and interactive website are finished!

    x Genevieve Bailey


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