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I'm not one for posting gossip, but I do post my biased opinion on just about EVERYTHING, and this is no exception. For the back story, everyone's favorite bisexual and Kanye's best piece of arm candy Amber Rose hosted the TAO beach party in Vegas this weekend. End backstory.

This weekend I had an intense conversation with my friend (who happens to be male) about Amber Rose and her prospects for being a model in the general form. He believes because she's attached to Kanye West, it's more than possible, almost a damn near guarantee she'll be successful as a runway/editorial model. And not just any type of modeling mind you...Homie believes it'll be high fashion. I'm talking the Chanel, YSL, Lanvin type of high fashion. NO MAS! My opinion was the exact opposite. Of course Amber Rose will be no where NEAR a high fashion runway, and in my mind isn't going to be anywhere near a Vogue/Harper's Baazar/Elle/Marie Claire any time soon either. Because I'm a card carrying member of the "Amber Rose is a Bad Bitch" fan club, I'm holding out for her to maybe show up in some indie-ish mags a la V, W, Flair, or Pop.

But let's be honest for one moment. When you see women like Chanel Iman and Sasha Pivovarova (who together still weigh less than the average American) in several editorials a month, and Lara Stone who is probably the largest woman on a runway reigning in at 5' 10" and a US size 6...is there seriously any room for the likes of Amber Rose. Is the fashion world willing and wanting to open their arms to her? And if by some miracle in heaven they happened to allow her on a runway, in an editorial, should we then just chalk it up to Kanye West's power? [pictures via theybf]

PS. Dear Amber, Please do not ever wear ice blue contacts. You look demonic, and possessed. Besides those obvious facts, it takes away from your beauty and makes you look like a reformed stripper...O wait...you are a reformed stripper.

PPS. And please work on your poses, I'm pretty sure we'd never see poses like that in Vogue, now would we?


  1. i don't like her to be honest...another video girl

  2. omfg her contacts are hidious. but shit, her thighs are flawless..wheres the dimples man *jealous*


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