things that make you go hmm.

I just want to let you all know I'm writing this post with an open mind. An open mind. OPEN MIND.

Sometimes I have to say it a couple times before it actually happens...

Now that my mind is open I can adequately analyze these photos and render my clear, concise, and nonjudgmental opinion. But let's leave the bullshit at the door and get right down to it. I think these photos are Ok. Some of the photos I like a lot, and some of them are typical. Typical is not what I was expecting to feel. They don't blow me away, but the also don't leave me wanting to slap someone. I'm sticking to my initial opinion, she still looks awkward and more Grace Jones-ish than before, only after seeing all the photos from the supplement I'm now left feeling...weird for lack of a better word. Think about it: she's pretty much the love child of women like Kelis, Grace Jones, Madonna, and Courtney Love. I'd also say Fefe Dobson for the sake of being obvious, but Rihanna has surpassed Fefe level.

Rihanna may be a culmination of all the bad ass vixen fire cracker women entertainers of the last 20 years, but she lacks one thing: IT. Grace Jones woulda tore this editorial up, down, ate it, spit it back out, and served it to us on a plate of fire. These pictures may remind me of Grace Jones, but Rihanna lacks the one thing Grace, Madge, Kelis, and Courtney have: INHIBITION. It just seems like she's putting on a show...like the tough girl who talks a good game but ain't about shit. Or maybe I'm wrong... [rihannadaily]

PS. Digging the big. That is all.

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