lomography diana mini.

I'm in dire need of a new camera. The one I've had for the last 3 years isn't dead yet, nor does it seem to be on it's way, but it's so old. It's like having your favorite shoes, knowing their out of date, but you keep wearing them anyway because you've had them for so long...or something like that. Anyway I've been looking for some fun and interesting cameras to invest in specifically a DSLR and a Lomography camera.

This lomography camera, the Diana mini, is small enough to fit in you hand but powerful enough to take the most amazing pictures (you can see examples here). The Mini can shoot square format or half frame pictures using standard 35mm film, (you can shoot about 72 shots onto one 35mm film) and also has an angle lens that gives you multiple exposure and long term exposure capabilities. [LikeCOOL | Lomagraphy.com]


  1. Thanks for the comment :)
    I use a Nikon D50 but unfortunately after we left Iceland (our first stop on our trip) the battery died, I blew up my battery charger and wasn't able to replace it so the rest are taken with friends point and shoot camera's.

    I also have a Holga 35mm and a Diana F+ - love them both! I prefer the Diana's square cropped photos but would recommend a 35mm lomo because you can take a lot more photos.. and getting the medium format ones developed is expensive. Atleast here in NY.


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