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Here are more photos from iD Magazine's September 2009 issue featuring the "Pretty Young Things" Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan, and Arlenis. I recently posted the cover, you can check that out here. I guess their going for the whole 'playful' vibe with the models, although Sessilee still can't help but to give a fierce face. I guess playful isn't in her vocabulary. Is it just me or does Arlenis look so innocent in ever picture she takes. She's got that fresh faced, "around the way girl" look on point. By the way, I'm laughing profusely at Chanel Iman's first picture. She looks like a small child LOL... This is a HUGE editorial, so if you're interested in seeing all the pictures check out modelcouture[via tfs]

PS. They have shot the shit out of those Nina Ricci platform heel-less boots. Their EVERYWHERE! I've seen them in at least 24058305830 editorials over the last year. Yes, that many...

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  1. Gorgeous pics. I haven't been able to find a copy of i-D here in Hong Kong, so thanks for the look inside!


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