h&m party collection 2009.

I feel like I'm repeating myself (and I am), but this information was just too good not to broadcast. I've previously stated in a couple of posts how H&M is promising something special for fashion lovers and practical consumers everywhere, and with the preview shots for their 2009 Party Collection, I can see that their keeping pen to paper and making sure to fulfill that promise. I'm glad to see the collection incorporating some of the emerging trends such as sequins, and velvet while remaining true to classics designs like the strapless dress, and that bootie I'm quickly falling in love with. Lots of shimmer and shine to get ready for ladies!

If you love what you see, be sure to visit my love Tee over at Trenddoll for shots of accessories, and lingerie, in addition to detailed pictures of everything you see above.

Do you love it?


  1. heeelllllllllllzzz yes im feeling it!! i posted about those boots too man! hotness.

  2. i need the gold shoes and the blue/gold brocade shoes!!!


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