gas'D: if loving you is wrong. i don't wanna be right.

Love is SO real.

I've only been in a consumer relationship with Gas'D for a short time, but I'm already certain their collection of jewelery is going to be a staple in my closet during the coming months. I love how simply their designs can be, and yet are still able catch your eye. Their attention to detail is very admirable, you can tell each item is hand crafted with love. Aside from all the detail and beauty, each piece is actually affordable. I have yet to see a piece above $100 (the highest I could find was $89), even though I wouldn't be surprised if they were selling their pieces for much more.

When I find a good thing I stick too it, I'm a creature of habit. I've got my friends, even my sister on this, so you should just come along too and LOVE Gas'D like the rest of us.

PS. Dear Gas'D: If you ever need, like, a jewelery tester (taste tester, but with jewelery) I'm SO your girl...


  1. And we LOVE that you're LOVING the LOVE my dear! Lol

  2. nice! lovely entry, lovely jewelry. <3

  3. is the casing for the card a watch part?



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