i really don't like you...

Here's more looks from the Dimepiece x Cassie collaboration. I love Dimepiece and I will continue to buy their products from here to infinity, but Cassie annoys the shit out of me. I'm sorry, I couldn't hold my tongue any longer. She gets under my skin, and I have no idea why. It's something else other than her voice that just irks the shit out of me, something I can't quite put my finger on. Is it the hair? The new 'edgy' look right before the release of her album creating hype and hoping the hype will equal skyrocketing album sales (which reminds me of Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad transformation)? Is it because she's involved with Bad Boy and I equate that as the label artists go to, to die? Is it because in my gut I feel like she just tries so damn hard to be 'it'. Maybe it's a combination of all those things, but in the words of Mr. Unforgivable: "I don't like you!"

And another thing, is anyone other than myself noticing how women's street wear brands are taking to celebrity endorsed/designed lines? It's fascinating that the minute Teyana Taylor becomes the face of MOB for this season, it's on ALL the major black blogs, and the second Cassie collaborates with Dimepiece the label (or rather Cassie THEN the label) ends up on not all the black blogs, but The Cut AND People magazine does an exclusive interview with the artist (and I use that in it's lightest form). I've never seen these labels on anything more than street wear related fashion blogs and the occasional magazine editorial a la Missbehave (RIP). Do we equate these endorsements and collaborations as a way for the labels to get their name in the media or something else? I personally love things that have that "I'm anything but mainstream" edge. Street wear use to be anything but mainstream to me, and that's what gave it it's charm, but now it's getting to be over exposed. Come Fall, with the help of Teyana Taylor and Cassie everyone will be draped in MOB and Dimepiece. I.will.not...

PS. This may not go over well with some, but who gives a shit. People are so quick to jump on bandwagons and not develop their own feelings about a product or a person. I have an opinion. Please deal with that...

PPS. Cassie said she made her hair cut mainstream in the People magazine interview. I just want to open hand slap all the girls that went out and did this after Cassie to make her feel this way (*cough Lala cough*) We the people give a resounding: NOOOOOOOOOOO [Alice Dellal, Kelis, JDavey, and Kesh come slap this chick]..

Ok. I will be purchasing that sweat shirt, and Uncle Karl tee post haste...


  1. Yes i agree totally,.......it sucks tooo everything will get over exposed :(

  2. Miss Cassie unfortunately has no talent whatsoever. I wonder how she is still making albums or whatever. She irritates the hell out of me. If you ask me, I say shes useless. I dont even make an effort to check out her music cause its always a flop..only a few survive and prosper from bad boy lol..shame

  3. hahaha you wasn't playing..... at least you're honest

  4. haha! I blogged about how much I liked her cut... although I had no idea she had an album about to release.
    two weeks later I changed my mind when I saw all those girls copying too... an open handed slap to all concerned would have felt just wonderful...


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