remember daniel vosovic?

I use to be a religious Project Runway viewer, that is until the show got snatched from its rightful home at Bravo and got stuck in between Lifetime Original Movies and commercials for Mom Jeans. Does anyone remember Daniel Vosovic, the mop head skinny New Yorker from a couple seasons back. I so desperately wanted him to win it all, and he almost did, he got as far as Bryant Park and then POOF. Nothing...

Well it's been 4 years since his run on the runway (yea, I can't believe it's been 4 years either!) and Daniel has been off that evil reality television "15 minutes of fame" boat, and landed safely on a little island I like to call real life. He's been busy making his own money to start his label, some of which was won when he recently won Project Runway: All-Star Challenge. Premiering his clothing line with an 8 look capsule collection for Spring, Vosovic claims one of his biggest influences being athleticism, having been inspired after picking up gymnastics again after 12 years. I'm so glad he's back! [refinery 29]

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  1. Oh Daniel... I love him. I remember watching this season the whole time with my friend and we would always be like "omg he is so hot" and then during an episode when all the guys were talking about when they came out and he chimed in we were both like "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

    What a waste.

    But, that being said, he has always been one of my favorites. And he definitely should have won his season, so I'm glad he finally won the Allstar Challenge. He's one of the few who have actually been pretty successful after that show =)


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