grab that style: alexa chung.

denim top: Topshop/ earrings: Made Her Think/ cuff/bracelet: Monica Vinader/ bag: KMRii/ necklace: Gas'd/
nail polish: Chanel/ leather leggings: Joesph Leather/ shoes: Steve Madden

I recently saw these pictures of MTV host Alexa Chung and decided to see if I could find something similar for myself. I really admire Alexa's style, she's forever quirky, and although some of the things she wears I'd never touch (ahem: socks with sandals), those things always seem to work in her favor. That, my friends, is the beauty of personal style, to be able to wear clothing in a way no one else would think of or even attempt, and to make it all your own.

[pictures via tfs]

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  1. just wanted to let you know the nailpolish she's wearing is actually essie greenport i believe.. pretty easy to find. x


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