places i need to eat when in nyc: shake shack.

Not sure if anyone knows this about me, but I love grease. I love french fries, fried chicken, and the occasional double cheeseburger from McDonalds. I subscribe to the "A Hamburger Today" newsletter from Serious Eats, and yes, I get super excited every Friday when I find it in the inbox of my email account. My name is Dee and I am fat ass.

Shake Shack
is a New York stable (or so I've been told), Katya told me about this place a couple months ago, and although I've seen their website which showcases some of their famous burgers, nothing has done Shake Shack justice or made me want to eat there more than the above photos from the "A Hamburger Today" newsletter (what? I told you I'm fat).

The Shack Stack consists of two tender grease oozing burgers hugging the hell out of a deep fried portobello mushroom, also known as a "shroom burger", finished off with lettuce tomatoes and Shack Sauce. There probably isn't a need to order fries or a shake with this seeing as the burger is big enough to feed a family, plus I'm not even sure I can wrap my mouth around it, so whenever I get to NYC this will be shared with friends (I'm not THAT fat).

Anyone know anything else awesome about Shake Shack and it's items of greasy glory? Leave it in the comments!

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