evidence of my sick imagination: america the gift shop.

I'm fully aware that I have a unique sense of humor only shared by individuals who don't take themselves seriously and use sarcasm as much as they use toilet paper. There aren't very many of us around so my jokes and snide remarks about everything tend to fall on deaf ears and are normally met with a stank eye. I saw these pictures awhile ago, they were shot by photographer Phillip Toledano back in 2008 who had the most awesome concept ever: If America was a gift shop what would it sell?

Just so we're all on the same cultural page, these pictures were in response to the alleged ill treatment of prisoners in places like Guatanamo Bay. Now that the history lesson is over, lets get back at the hilarity at hand: how awesome are these shirts? There's so much more where this came from, I would have posted them, but their too sordid, and I didn't want to scare anyone into thinking I was a total lunatic, so if you've got a good personality, need a chuckle or two, and actually understand the art of sarcasm, take a look at Phillip's portfolio.

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