generational gap?

Not to sound all Carrie Bradshaw-ish, but today I got to thinking about my generation and the ones that proceed it. We as a collective group of young people don't look to the older and much wiser for information and advice anymore. There's this whole generation of people who have lived through what we're all living through right now, yet we never seem to tap into that over flowing well of information.

In this day and age when Google can teach you how to make cupcakes or play a guitar, and Twitter/Facebook/Myspace is the go to place for info on what's going on in the world, people tend to get lost between what's real and what isn't. Is the advice of those older much wiser, and with more experience still sought after?

If that makes any sense at all. I tend to ramble. [deCO.ltd]


  1. That's the whole critique of the "generation X"/hipster culture phenom. We're borrowing the aesthetic of our previous generations-- James Dean cool, 80s fashion iconography, etc-- yet learning little from it. We're reappropriating without building upon the past and creating anything truly new/original/inspiring. I don't necessarily 100% agree with that critique, but I do see some merit in it. And it's totally discouraging when you think about it :(

  2. it's really discouraging. the older have this wealth of untapped knowledge that I think we could benefit from yet whenever that knowledge is offered, a lot of us don't take it.

    sometimes I think we should take it.


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