cassie x dimepiece: first look A/W campaign.

It's such a good thing I don't ever sleep, and stay glued to my computer because otherwise I wouldn't be one of the first bloggers to bring you what I'm guessing is part of the final product for Dimepiece Designs Autumn/Winter campaign featuring Cassie. And to think the thanks for leaking these photos goes to Diddy (let that marinate for a moment). Although I'm not a huge fan of Cassie's music, I do think she's a stunning woman (those eyebrows are a bit dangerous though), and her beauty is evident in these photos, along with Dimepiece's ability to create thought provoking garments. Can't wait to see the entire thing...

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  1. im not a fan of her music either, but i do like her style and she is a gorgeous lady. Dimepiece is going to be haute this season. Love the shoot and the pieces.


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