Fashionista does this thing called 'Adventures in Copyright' where they find knock off versions of designer shoes. I'm not entirely sure if this is to put the knockoff's on some sort of blast and try to discourage people from purchasing them in an effort to keep the designer shoes exclusive, but in my frugal mind, I'd be more likely to run and purchase the fakes.

What? you see the title of this blog...

Being that I get super giddy and obsessive over shoes, on my last visit to affordable shoe creator Steve Madden I spotted some of my own knockoff's. Steve is NOTORIOUS for recreating designer shoes and making them semi affordable for everyone to wear. Remember when Manolo Blahnik created those Timberland heeled booties JLo use to be seen in, and then within a month Steve Madden had a version everyone use to call the Man-No-No's? Perfect example.

Well this season Steve has decided to knockoff two pairs of shoes I will shamelessly be adding to my internet bag very soon. The Alexander McQeen Motorcycle Jacket bootie, and YSL's Aliama pump. Both of the designer versions will run you $600 and up while Steve Madden only charges about $129 - $159. Plus, if you sign up for Steve's random emails you can get in on some major sales only available if you shop online.

So which is it? The real or the fake?


  1. This is hard because as much as I'd love to own YSL or Alexander McQueen the price is too much, Steve Madden makes good shoes that are way more affordable. Plus it's not like I go to stores purposefully looking for knockoffs, it's just that the shoe looks good and I have the cash for it!

  2. when we're able to own Alexander's or YSL's these will be considered vintage. so until then, i go for the knockoffs. plus i don't think a regular person will be able to tell anyway lol


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