have the roles been reversed?

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I can't explain how many times I've asked myself this question, so I've started to ask everyone BUT myself:

Are the roles reversing as far as men and womens fashion is concerned?

I'm a big fan of Scott Schuman and his website the Sartorialist. As far as the concept of the style blog goes, he's at the forefront of the pack photographing everyone who inspires him regardless of status. Where I get a kick out of seeing my favorite fashion celebrities and how they wear their clothes (thank you Jak&Jil), I'm fascinated more by everyday people because, let's be honest, their just like me. Basic in every aspect other than what they have on their backs.

Very recently Scott took several photos of men in skirts, and although for the everyday man that concept is a bit emasculating, these several men pulled the look off (in the manliest way possible). With menswear on the everyday woman quickly becoming popular in the last few years (hello boyfriend jeans!), I've decided to ask the one question that's been bugging me for awhile now: Are the roles reversing in men's and women's fashion?

Furthermore, where on one hand I love looking like a well dressed man who happens to have a vagina, I can't help but wish the fashion industry was more diverse in the trends they set. For instance, edge does not equal leather all the time, and bohemia can be achieved without looking homeless. I wish that more people understood that you don't have to look one way or another, that there is such a concept as treading the line. Schuman also posed a invaluable question on his website that concerned whether women preferred dressing like the Celine woman (menswear on crack) or the Louis Vuitton woman (Joan Cleaver circa 1950). The Celine woman is what every woman wants to be right now. Strong, independent, and on a mission with a sense of purpose, while the Louis Vuitton woman is said to be what men want women to be: sexy, sophisticated, and lady like.

I'm quite torn about this one...


  1. I like this post! Good job D honey! To be sexy, or to be individually independent a la subtle sexy?
    I think its possible to balance both...but being blatantly sexy, kinda out these days.<3

  2. Well, the second one is up for debate (are those leggings?), but that first picture is definitely a KILT, not a skirt.



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