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I'm pretty good at finding whatever it is my heart desires on a daily basis at affordable price points. To say I'm a decent bargain shopper would be an understatement - I'm a damn good one. If you haven't read the title of this blog, you might want to take a second and hit the refresh button. I can't afford to love the designer clothing I want to wear all the time (thank you Sallie Mae), so finding them at a lesser price is very important. After all it keeps me from living in a refrigerator box....

My latest find comes courtesy of my friend/coworker/drinking buddy Sam who happens to be a card carrying member of the "I Wear Glasses because I Have to, Not because They Look Cool" club, just like yours truly. After years of suffering at the hands of contact lenses and only wearing my glasses when I was feeling too lazy to stick a my finger in my eye, I've finally decided ditch the lenses and embrace my inner nerd.

Buying the right pair of glasses is infinitely more difficult than I expected it to be. It reminds me of my constant search for the perfect pair of jeans that will not only cover my ENTIRE behind, but also happen to make me look like I'm a size 2. Yes, it's that hard to find the perfect pair of frames, especially at a price that doesn't make me gag. So when Sam introduced me to the concept and website of Warby Parker I was not only impressed but eager to shop.

It's extremely rare to find boutique frames that come WITH your prescription for only $95. That's not only rare, but damn near impossible to find. Warby Parker not only shows you the frames on real people, they also give you the option to virtually try the glasses on yourself - a concept that is much appreciated, seeing as when it comes to something as personal as everyday glasses, you want to know what you look like in them before you press 'add to bag'.

I've already begun choosing which frames best suit my round beautiful face. I'm in love with the round frames that are black at the top and clear at the bottoms. They look like my Raybans, and I am in love. Thanks a million Sam!


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