the rudest night in music.

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Kanye West effectively showed us all that he has absolutely no class.

I'm pretty sure the internet will be on fire updating you all on what took place during this years Video Music Awards. For the most part, the recaps won't be about the excellent Michael Jackson tribute performed by his sister Janet, and it won't be about Lady Gaga's disturbing rendition of "Paparazzi" either. Tomorrow your inbox's, twitter pages, blog feeds, and facebook's will all be focused on yet another of Kanye West's classless outbursts.

There is so much I could say right now but I'm pretty sure I'd come off as a judgmental bitch, so I'll end with this: If you don't challenge a person to change, they never will. Kanye West and ALL of his outbursts are unacceptable, and classless. Tonight I've read so many tweets and blog comments where people are excusing his blatant ignorance because 1) he's just Kanye and 2) they aren't into Taylor Swifts music. UNACCEPTABLE. Respect is respect.

I know that he's given away awards of his because he felt someone better deserved them, but we can't expect everyone to do that. Especially because as an artist you should be your biggest fan. Whose to say Taylor Swift thought she actually deserved that award. We shouldn't shrug off this obvious insult as "Kanye just being Kanye". If that's the case, Kanye needs to grow the fuck up. There's this little thing called tact, and he basically showed us he has none.

PS. I have so much more respect for Beyonce now than I ever have in the past. Forget how I feel about her music and her acting (cough), she's a class act for sure.

PPS. His apology is wack sauce. How do you apologize and then try to justify your actions as you just being a fan of pop culture? GTFOH!


  1. You are SO fuckin right D. My jaw dropped when I watched that part, bless Beyonce, there's a reason why ppl should look up to her, not just her hustle, but her attitude.

  2. lets not forget that he was just saying what all of us at home were thinking...son they gave eminem that video of the year award!?! MTV hates on black folk period...and BEYONCEs video was/is the shit...Taylor swift is cool...the vid was cool...but ring on it stands alone....by far...tact or not...he said the same thing that millions of people in their homes watching the show were thinking too, "taylor swift?!?! are you serious?!?" you could call him an ass if he said "my shit was way better"...but he got up to set it straight...shout out to Diddy for the intro he gave as well tonight. the truth can come out ugly sometimes...deal with it!

    quote the real dude never more!

  3. There's this little thing called RESPECT, he has none for no one but himself. I'm not about to excuse what he did because he said what everyone was thinking. The fact of the matter was that Taylor Swift WON save your fucking opinion for a interview or a rap song. If someone woulda done that stupid shit to him he woulda went APE SHIT. But it's alright to disrespect someone elses talent and moment? I don't think so...


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