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I've been away for awhile, but I'm back. Wasn't very sure if I could retain the blogging mojo I had before taking this forced break, but this surprise got me out of my funk. Sort of... Here are more photos from German Vogue's 30th anniversary issue featuring my favorite Freja Beha alongside Baptiste Giaconi and Heidi Mount due out October 09. There's nothing like a bit of Freja to brighten up even my darkest of moods ::le sigh:: <-- © Kevin Clark for the reference (told you I'd give credit where it's due lol) [modelcouture]


  1. love this. styled & modeled so beautifully

  2. you know what i love about this shoot? at the beginning it says "women as strong as men, and men as tender as women" and then goes on to describe how gender roles were sort of muddled in Berlin in the time between the two world wars. this, to me, is what C.O.P. is all about, women who don't fit the typical feminine gender role, so i love anything to do with that sort of thing. this shoot is great.

    PS i'm glad you're back


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