made her think made me squeal.

During my daily wandering around the interwebs I've come to notice several things about myself as a consumer. For one, I'm totally addicted to accessories. Not that I never noticed this little fact about myself, but my intense love affair for add on's has never once been this extensive. I could care less about clothing, other than to obsess over the fact that I can't and will not pay upwards of $200 for a tshirt (ahem, Alexander Wang), but it's the shoes, the jewels, the little timeless pieces that normally get my undivided attention.

Made Her Think is a jewelry line designed by Meredith Kahn, and partly inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead. As seen on the likes of some of my favorite girl crushes Rihanna and the Olsen Twins, the line carry's an obscene amount of inventive and affordable pieces that can add character to even the blandest of outfits. This Knuckle Buster Talon ring is easy on the eyes and for about $110 won't hurt your recession drained pocket. Add to bag? I think so!

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