does anyone wear k swiss anymore?

The above question is something that's been on my mind for a couple of days now. Nevermind the fact that this post was suppose to be about the stud to the left, a one Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, but whatever. The K Swiss subject seems more appealing than gushing about a man that I'll never meet, but like to look at. A lot...

By now I'm sure many of you know that Eddie Boy here is doing a little work for the K Swiss brand by being the face of their remastered classic shoe, which leads me to ask two important questions.

1) Who wears K Swiss anymore?
2) When was the exact moment K Swiss became wack?

Personally, I haven't worn K Swiss since my junior year of high school. The shoe use to be a staple back in the day, but seriously, what happened? Was it the emergence of the Nike Dunk? The evolution of Adidas? I have no idea, but I'd like to find out. I'm wondering if the brand is believing that putting Ed Westwick's beautiful face on their advertisments will turn it around. Do they really believe there will be hypebeasts lined up for two days waiting for a pair like some of us waited for the Yeezy's. I'm not so sure.

Since when did K Swiss become so wack?

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