swagger paris x vintage royalty.

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I've been lucky enough in life to have friends that are doing extraordinary things. So lucky in fact, that from time to time they drop me a line to tell me what they've been up too (and no, it isn't always boozing). The light of my life and DIY goddess Meena sent me information on a few projects she's been working on, primarily her recent collaboration with Parisan music and fashion website Swagger Paris. Creating her signature vintage inspired thrifty budget conscious pins, earrings, and brooches with the website, SP and VR put their noggins together to designed some amazing goodies signifying the cross between New York and Paris letting us all know that fashion isn't just regional, it's universal.

If you haven't ventured to check out Vintage Royalty yet, do yourself a huge favor and get to steppin. Like seriously. GO!


  1. Omg I love you for this! The items are adorable and amazing prices. usually when bloggers put up a product, it cost like 200dollars. Like really?

  2. haha i know! meena is very affordable. glad you like!


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