basso & brooke spring 2010.

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It's cold outside.

To some of you who live in America, and other parts of the world for that matter, it's not cold, but to a person who absolutely hates anything below 65 degrees, this is basically winter. The moment I'm able to see my breath clearly, we have a problem. It doesn't help much that in my inbox I get emails about various Spring 2010 shows filled to the brim with what will be hot next spring and summer. It makes me want spring and summer NOW, not 9 months from now.

Basso & Brooke who showed in London this year is just another reason why I want warmer weather right now. It's almost as good as Proenza Schouler. I only say almost because nothing is better than Proenza...some collections are close, but never get that cigar.

If you're interested in seeing more of what you can't wear now, and then shedding some cold tears like I did, head over to Coutorture for more.

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