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Over by my house in Pittsburgh there's this old scary broken down building where I'm sure people once lived, but probably hasn't seen the light of a good day in at least 10 years. Other than broken windows and boarded up entryways the building is rather beautiful. A couple of months ago after going for a run I saw that someone had tagged the building with the phrase "abandoned, but still standing". It was small enough for you to see, but not large enough to be obnoxious, and totally got the point across.

When I found out about Written On the City, the project where people photograph and upload pictures of the messages written around their city, it reminded me of the abandoned building by my home and the message someone left on it. This blog is full of messages from around cities like San Francisco, San Paulo, and of course NYC, all with the intention of getting some sort of message to someone else. Some are funny, others make you think, but they all make me want to go searching for more messages in my own city.

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  1. Haha, I saw this and checked this shish right away. I loveeee this.

    hope you're well! xo!


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