i had no idea a trench coat could look so pretty.

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Today I had a chance to check out Burberry's full Spring 2010 collection. Critics, blogs, and magazines alike all had one big joygasm over the collection of trench coats, tops, and bottoms perfectly draped in muted and pastel hues. Right now Berberry is very close to my heart, I've been having conniptions over the Prorsum footwear the last couple of months, and this spring collection didn't disappoint at all. It's romantic, and pretty, the exact opposite of the popular trend running the streets where it's cooler to look like you just rolled out of a dumpster than to actually look - dare I say it - put together.

Is being a lady actually coming back into style?


  1. I love the one in beige that looks as though it's a dress. Perhaps it is.

  2. burberry did an excellent job this season, i loved every look. and i especially want that beige trench/dress, with the shoes it's so perfect


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