kristen stewart interview magazine november 09.

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I never really got everyone's obsession with Kristen Stewart. Other than her role in films like 'The Panic Room' (I love Jodie Foster), I didn't have much to go on in order to speak highly of her acting skills. I'll be honest, I saw Twilight a year late via the internet, thought it was weird and her performance was awkward. For me Kristen Stewart has always been this teen starlet and seeing as I don't pay much attention to those, she had never been on my radar. She's in the newest edition of Interview Magazine sporting a mullet and looking exceptionally awesome. I still think she's awkward, but on the bright side, she takes a remarkable photo. Right? [fashioncopious]

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  1. yea im not really feelin her either but she does have FIERCE (Tyra's voice) eyes!


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