it's a balmain bonanza!

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Where Jeremy Scott brought Bam Bam and Barney Rubble out of our televisions and onto the runway, Spring 2009's favorite shoulder pad provider Balmain is giving me jungle fever (I know that reference was a bit on the cheesy side, but I couldn't help it). Green, gold, black, and silver strutted down the runway in a collection of sexy dresses, sequined tanks with plunging necklines (I guess bra's are out next spring), and tee's that looked like they've been put through a garbage disposable. Not to be outdone by their last collection, you can be sure those shoulder pads you picked up at your local thrift store will be needed come spring 2010, only this season Balmain has seemed to tone down the trend they set.

Rihanna was in the front row looking very...Balmain-ish to say the least. Actually she looked rather stunning. I've got to give it to her (actually her stylist) she was one of the first celebrities seen wearing Balmain. I remember her in a lace shoulder padded top and the knee padded jeans, and more importantly the denim band leader jacket. After her the gaggle of stars followed suit and it's been shoulder pad city ever since!

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