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I've always been aware of Amber Rose's obvious beauty, but like most people, I tend to question what I see on camera. Makeup, photoshop and endless other tools are used on a daily basis to create the illusion that celebrities are flawless. The fact remains that they aren't, they have facial flaws and body insecurities just like the rest of us. Amber Rose is not this type of celeb.

These are UNTOUCHED pictures of Amber from a recent drop by visit to her new modeling agency Ford Models. I knew she was pretty, but good Lord. She's kinda flawless...

I'm not going to lie, I still think she's just going to be in advertising editorials where they can fix her and catalogs, those thighs ain't made for runway. Sorry...

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  1. yeah. those thighs and booty aren't for runway. sad isn't it? considering she has such an amazing body. she really has great glowing skin. for being untouched...daaaaaaamn! she is blessed.


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