all this because she's a size 6?

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Lara Stone in Balmain & Stella McCartney

It has been confirmed today that one of fashions newest 'It' girls Lara Stone is indeed a size 6. Before you gag on your tongue, I think it's only fair that we evaluate what this actually means. I think it's rather amusing that people in the fashion industry expect women to be a size 0-2 (sample sizes right?) and to also be awkwardly tall. That is something I've never been able to understand about this industry, not only does it produce horrible body images for younger women, it also causes women of all ages to have unrealistic ideas about what beauty really is. Its been like this for years, so what am I complaining about, right?

I find it fascinating that some media outlets are marveling at the fact that Lara Stone is a US size 6. Yes it's very unusual to find that in high fashion, and yes it's pretty cool she's able to open and close couture shows like Chanel without hassle to slim down. She's able to still have an awesome career walking in shows for the likes of Hermes, Anna Sui, and even my favorite Givenchy, but good gumbo, people act like she's not thin as is. I'm currently 5' 5" and a size 6. Lara has about 5 inches on me and is also a size 6. Although I'm on the small side, if you take my body and stretch it out 5 inches I'd still be super thin. Get it?

Truth be told, I'd rather be her size that some of these other models. They sometimes look malnutured. At least she looks like she enjoys a good burger every now and then. I'm just saying.

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