best news of the day: MadeMe Fall/Winter 2009 Preview.


Though it's only Monday, and there is probably more exciting news to come from this week, I'm going to have to be honest when I say that nothing is going to top this shit. NOTHING.

Erin Magee creator and designer of Made Me Clothing is giving fans the opportunity to preview and pre-order pieces from her Fall/Winter collection 'Mes Amies' (which means My Friends in French). Being that I'm a huge fan of Made Me and Erin, I'm pretty off the wall about this news. I've never been able to afford one of her leather jackets, and though it's on my list of things to purchase ones I get semi rich, I'm still happy to say I've got a bunch of her pieces lying around my closet.

To showcase pieces from past and present seasons E. Magee enlisted the help of some her amazing friends as models. Natalie and Nicole of Nina Sky, super stylist Rose Garcia, designer Kerin Rose, and Brooke Nipar who photographed everyone. So cool...

Check out MadeMe Clothing!

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