my new bike.


I'm currently in the market for a new bike seeing as the weather here in Pittsburgh is pretty awesome these days. I live down by the baseball and football stadiums right on the three rivers trail, the perfect spot to bike ride and get some exercise. I tweeted about my need for a new retro riding bike to make all the other bike riders wet their pants with envy, and a pal of mine decided to reply to my tweet with these yummy Power Rangers inspired bike gear. How amazing would it be if I rolled around in this Power Rangers scooter with the matching helmet? AND the bike is a tricycle so I wouldn't have to worry about falling, but if I did fall my Red Ranger helmet would save the day! Total jealousy would ensue.


No, but seriously, does anyone know where I can get an affordable bike?

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  1. that helmet is pretty ill. i'm thinking about getting an equestrian helmet. although i haven't seen any in white.


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