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Can someone please explain to me to phenomenon that is Lady Gaga? Is she so hard pressed to be the new age Madonna, that she allows herself to look EXTRA ridiculous all the time? Look at the eyebrows. Please LOOK AT THEM. I'm a Gaga fan partly because her music makes me giggle like a school girl who heard a bad word for the first time, and partly because sometimes she's rather amusing to look at. The amusing part is reigning supreme at this point in time. If you know anything about Gaga, you know she was pants less, because she's suffering from an pants allergy, but I won't post those pictures. If you want to see ass...Google it.

Those EYEBROWS....


  1. i like her, but i don't like her music THAT much. i don't know...but what i do know is that those drawn on things where her eyebrows are supposed to be are leaving me feel really confused.

  2. yeah affected is the word to describe her i think.
    trying to be weird is written all over her .
    i do like the boney -m , ma ma ma ma (baker) bit in that poker face song.
    can't she just make b grade music and stop going out in public?

  3. Eyebrows are one thing, but that terrible LACE FRONT WIG is even more of an FAIL of epic proportions!!!

    ...She needs to holla at Beyonce about how to apply properly.


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