taking a mental dump| priorities vs options.

"Don't make someone a priority, when you're only an option"

I use to think the above quote was beyond cheesy.
And now I don't.

Maybe it's because during the last couple of months I've been including people into my life who have made me feel like I'm just an option. I've set seen them as a priority; something not to be taken lightly, and have acted accordingly. But I'm still the option.

One of many.

If there are two things I hate feeling it's stupid and that I'm typical or average.
Because I know like hell I'm not.

But what happens when all you want to do is bust heads against hard surfaces so these 'people' take you seriously. You want to shake the shit out of everyone who doesn't get it, but you can't because you're too proud to admit: "Hey asshole, we GOTS a problem". What happens when you want to reinvent yourself and switch roles; from an option into a priority.

I'm still trying to figure out if that shit is even possible...let alone, worth it.


  1. D.
    Lord, is it corny to say my heart kinda ached reading this?
    Right now this tells me we're sharing situations, and we share similar reactions. If you figure out if its worth it, holla at me, because I'd like to know too.
    Or if I beat you to the punch, I'll gladly let you know.


  2. no it certainly isn't corny for your heart to ache, especially concerning this post. we've all been through it; being the option instead of numero uno (or somewhere above bullshit), so it's not corny at all.

    i know what you've been through, although I haven't been updated on everything in awhile. we needs to be in contact girl!

    and when, or if at all, i figure out if it's worth it you'll be the first person i contact. but just like every other situation i peruse through, my gut is telling me it's not.

    but it was worth a try, right?


opinions are like assholes. leave it.

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