girl crush| tilda swinton.

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Anyway, the reason I'm posting these photos of Tilda Swinton is because I'm a bit obsessed with her. Well, her face anyway. No, I take that back, I love all of her. Every bit. She's flawless. I've argued with many in defense of my undying devotion to Swinton, mostly because people tend to think she's a bit quirky, for lack of a better word. Well, I think she's perfection. A bit odd, and completely androgynous, but I believe that's a big part of her allure; she's not like everyone else. But then again, why in the hell would she want to be like everyone else. I know I wouldn't.

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  1. agreed, this woman is amazing. when i think about a chic androgynous look i immediately think of tilda swinton. i wish i could pull it off the way she does.


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