flavors.me: the most brilliant thing in the whole wide world.

Flavors.me from Jack Zerby on Vimeo.

For a few months now I've been searching for a manageable interface that would allow me to have my website, portfolio, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook accounts all in one place. It's a bit frustrating not having just one spot to point a person to when they ask me what I do. Normally I point them to this blog, but sometimes that isn't enough, especially when I'm searching for new freelancing opportunities. Potential employees don't always care about your opinion on celebrity antics and ass-less chaps. It's like a rat race trying to figure out which blog or website will give them the best answer as to who I am. It's very difficult. For example: Twitter is for me to catch up with friends and acquaintances. Tumblr is a mosh pit of photography and videos on my laptop I've accumulated over the years. This blog is for venting and talking massive amounts of garbage. My portfolio is probably the best example of the 'professional Dee', but she's boring and I don't bring her out unless it's absolutely necessary. See what I mean? Total clusterfuck.

My buddy Brian first introduced me to Flavors.me a couple of months ago, but it wasn't until a moment ago that I actually took the time to explore and check out their filmed demo. It's exactly what I need; one place to house all my crap so the next time someone asks for my blog, Twitter, Facebook, portfolio, etc, I'll be ready.

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