why are you ramming clogs down my throat?

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Has anyone else noticed that whatever trends glide down the runway, no matter how ridiculous or dated they may seem, become fashion law moments after the critics give their two (or five, depending on which critic) cents on a collection. Seriously, it doesn't matter how off hand or completely insane something may seem (temporary tattoos and obscene amounts of velvet included), if it's designed by the right company, seen in the right magazines and on the right people, everyone flocks towards it.

The trend in question is "new and slightly modern" version of the clog. I just got through reading about Opening Ceremony's Fall 2010 collection which includes their updated version of the clog. I happen to dig what they've done to the shoe, but what disturbed me the most was that not only was I looking at OC's version and the accompanying article, but I was also accosted with a side advertisement for the Topshop 'Seanna' closed toe clogs. I've got nothing against clogs or those who happen to love wearing them, but I'm dumbfounded at how many people are jumping on the band wagon and how quickly it's happening. A vast amount of high middle and low end brands are clogging it up, and in the process giving me a headache. Is this the new 'it' shoe? Are people seriously going to wear these things? And why in the hell are all these magazines and websites force feeding me this shoe? Why?!

Marketing is such an amazing thing...
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