perhaps the only pair of clogs i'd ever consider wearing.

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The last time I was in New York my friend Katya and I managed to pull ourselves away from her black hole of an apartment and drag our lazy behinds down to hipster heaven (otherwise known as Williamsburg) for a bit of vintage shopping and day drinking. While in Williamsburg I couldn't help but notice several haphazardly dressed women (because that's totally in right now...) wearing the elusive trend that's been the biggest buzz this season and happens to be showing up on the feet of...well everyone: CLOGS.

I've made my peace with this shoe. Not because I don't like it, but more so because I don't understand why they're EVERYWHERE. On fashion celebrities, regular celebrities, in magazines, and on television. I can't get away from these damn shoes. Upon viewing Louis Vuitton's version of the clog during the Spring 2010 shows and literally doing a double take when I noticed Miuccia Prada created a studded plex glass version, (not to mention Chanel) I had no idea they would become so popular...and so quickly. I'd never considered taking part in the clog movement, (personally I think they'd look a bit ridiculous on my feet), but after spotting the Rachel Comey 'Dekalb' clogs courtesy of my good friend Ebay, I'm actually considering riding this wave.

Sort of...

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