kweenz destroy.

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Sometimes I think I'm losing it. I fall behind on so many things because my attention span is as big as a bite sized candy bar. One thing I'm very regretful on falling back from is my first love street wear. It's gotten a bit boring as of late, with the heavy hitters and some of my favorite brands producing extra wack designs that make me want to hide more than shop. I won't say names, but women's contemporary fashion is getting lame. Really lame.

But fear not, my eyes have seen the glory that is Kweenz Destroy! I use to blog for Kweenz back in the day (like 6 months ago) so the brand has a special place in my heart, a place that got 10 times bigger once I saw their Fall 2009 look book. It's so cute and fun, kind of makes me want to be a boss bitch....Hmmm

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