girl, you just can't win.

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Lindsay Lohan just can't seem to win these days.

With one over publicized bisexual relationship down the toilet, a line of leggings named after Marilyn Monroe (6126 is her birthday), and a failed acting career under her belt, the tabloid darling just can't seem to catch a break these days. Well except for this big juicy one: French couture house Emmanuel Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige woke up one sunny morning and decided that the 'troubled starlet' would make the perfect addition to the brand as none other than THE artistic advisor to it's newest head designer Estrella Archs, a woman known for her beyond impressive resume which includes Prada and her namesake label Estrella Archs.

Ok, so I get it. Celebrities obviously bring some sort of notoriety and publicity to a brand or product. THAT I totally get. What I don't seem to be able to wrap my head around is how someone like Lindsay Lohan can be given a job that not only requires her to be the face for the brand but also gives her veto power over all the designs. Not only does Leggings Lohan offer the band wagon of tabloids following her every waking move, but she basically gets to tell a TRAINED artist what the Ungaro collections will look like. To me, that's like asking a snail to do a dogs job. It just doesn't work.

For all of those asking the question of the week: WHY?!? Apparently Leggings was brought on, not only to bring a youthfulness to the brand, but also her merry band of media whores along for the ride. The job was turned down by the notorious Paris Hilton (thank the Lord), and was handed off to LaLohan after the Ungaro CEO came to her house and saw her room was filled with designer clothing all over the place (blank stare). I mean sometimes I wish Anna Wintour would bless me with her presence in my messy room and offer me a job at Vogue. But that would never and will never happen. GET.REAL.

Obviously I'm not the only person that feels this way. Yesterday the first Ungaro collection stomped down the runway during Paris Fashion Week, the first under Lindsay's command, and it wasn't received well by the snobby elite of the fashion world. Called "cheesy and outdated" by WWD, an "embarrassment" by FWD and a slew of other not so nice terms I'd rather keep to myself - let's just say that while LaLohan may think this is the best thing in the free world, the fashion elite is no closer to embracing her overly publicized presence.

Girl, you just can't win. [WWD,Telegraph]

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