mademe fall 2009: tough love.

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Today is such a good day already. Fashion week is in full swing, I'm going to a free concert tonight, and MadeMe unveiled their Fall 2009 collection, AND I LOVE IT!

A couple months ago I showed the preview for MadeMe and their Fall 2009 collection, and now because the Gods of retail are shining down upon us all, we finally get to see the entire collection. The collection, entitled Tough Love, is in stores now and is inspired by androgyny and the idea to move society forward by challenging what we all think is sexy. There is an abundance of rose print on tough items like that infamous leather jacket, leggings, and varsity tee's, depicting that you can be comfy and casual, but still be sexy. In my mind this means I get to dress like a little boy without anyone thinking I'm a lesbian (not that there's anything remotely wrong with that...) SCORE!

E Magee and Co pre-sold pieces from the collection when the preview dropped, but not suprisingly some of the pieces that weren't pre-sold are already sold out. This includes my favorite, the holey tee, which is just my luck, but I will find a way to get my hands on it, even if I have to do something drastic...like knock on doors or sit outside of Karmaloop in Boston and beg...

PS. That hat reminds me of Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation. Gotta get it!

Yay for Today!!!

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